Hawai’i 5-0

Season 4 Episode 12 “O kela me keia manawa” airs January 10, 2014 Karl Makinen plays Jack Anderson, a bar-owner with a secret past; he is living with the guilt that he had committed a crime years ago that cost a woman her life.… More ➤

NCIS: Los Angeles

Season 4 Episode 10 “Free Ride” airs December 18, 2012 Karl Makinen guest stars as a Navy Command Master Chief Petty Officer who tests positive for cocaine use when an NCIS Special Agent is found dead on his aircraft carrier.… More ➤


Season 1 Episode 8 “Exposure” airs November 27, 2012 In this episode, Karl plays Lou Massey, a private citizen working on the airforce base that runs a program that results in the death of a soldier.… More ➤