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Independent film, released 2016 Karl Makinen stars as Burt Goodman, a leader at a bootcap for wayward teens, who  helps them fight to stay alive while being pursued through the desert by a ruthless blood-sucking alien. Check out the official trailer on YouTube.… More ➤
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The Human Contract

Karl Makinen costars in “THE HUMAN CONTRACT” playing Tony, Jada Pinkett Smith’s abusive Husband. The film revolves around Julian Wright (Jason Clarke), a charming and mega-successful businessman who hides a secret from the rest of the world which tears his soul apart every day. With his personal life in shambles,… More ➤
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River of Gold

Karl Makinen just finished filming RIVER OF GOLD in Cananea Mexico. A Spanish language film that follows the life of an American Indian tribe, a Mexican family and an American Calvary, shortly after the Mexican American War in 1850. Karl plays Peter Hanlon, a scout for American Calvary leader Captain… More ➤
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